A life and career of jose m velasco ibarra

His political career began when he was named a Deputy of the Republic.

A life and career of jose m velasco ibarra

He continued participating in national politics and served as a Deputy or National Representative in Congress until his death from a fall in Salinas in Velasco Ibarra once more went into exile, and Ecuador under the new president suffered internal oppression, gave up a good part of its territory, capitulating in the face of a Peruvian military invasion and United States-Brazilian diplomatic pressure, and in general sank to the status of a satellite of the United States.

Presidency[ edit ] Galo Plaza differed from previous Ecuadorian presidents.

He was survived by his wife, Rosario Pallares, and his five daughters and one son. Revolutionary Leader During the next 3 years Morelos displayed the kind of leadership and ability for which he became famous in Mexican history. When Morelos responded sympathetically and agreed to join the cause, Hidalgo gave him a military commission and directed him to capture the port of Acapulco and spread the revolution southward.

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He was home schooled by his mother. Velasco Ibarra refused, and on Feb. Inhe again won the presidential election, and began his third term as president on September 1, This time, he served his entire term, which ended on August 31, For 12 years he wrote a column under the pseudonym "Labriolle" in El Comercio, the principal newspaper of Quito.

José María Velasco Ibarra

He decided to resign, but this time the army— apprehensive of what might happen—pleaded with him to stay and offered him its full backing. Congress declared the office vacant, and Velasco Ibarra won the following elections with the backing of both Liberals and Conservatives.

During his presidency, an earthquake near Ambato severely damaged the city and surrounding areas and killed approximately 8, people. Sovereignty, he declared, was vested in the people and should be exercised by a representative congress. He invited a wide variety of foreign experts in economic development and in governmental administration to recommend and catalog reforms in both areas.

The next presidential elections were held in Januaryand Velasco Ibarra, one of three candidates, lost to the Liberal Carlos Alberto Arroyo del Rio.

Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra life and biography

The Constituent Assembly confirmed him as chief executive. As an author he published several books, including Conciencia y Barbarieand was also a columnist for El Comercio.

In September Morelos—the "Servant of the Nation," as he liked to style himself—called the Congress of Chilpancingo, composed of representatives of the provinces under his control, to consider a program which he outlined in a document entitled "Sentiments of the Nation.

His first presidency began on September 1,but he was ousted in August by the military. He was the only attendee who refused to sign the Declaration of American Presidents, because he found it insufficient and lacking in practical content, as was demonstrated years later.

As president he managed to foment the agricultural exports of Ecuador during his government, creating economic stability. Death[ edit ] Galo Plaza died of a heart attack January 28, in a hospital in Quito. At the time, Ecuadorians believed that the return to a constitutional regime had brought good luck to their country, when in early March oil began to flow from Lago Agrio Well 1 in northeast Ecuador.

At this meeting, he expressed frank opinions with respect to the US policy toward countries of Latin America, and the failure of the Alliance for Progress Program. Other activities[ edit ] He was a professor of history and political geography at various high schools and universities.

As a result, on June 22,he disbanded Congress and replaced the Constitution with that of However, he was ousted after 11 months in office. Later, he traveled to Buenos Aires, where he worked as a university professor. The army backed his dictatorship for about 8 months.

However, just as during his first term, a hostile Congress nullified the executive branch.Galo Lincoln Plaza Lasso de la Vega (February 17, – January 28, ) was an Ecuadorian statesman who served as President of Ecuador from to and Secretary General of the Organization of American States from to He is the son of former Ecuadorian President Leonidas Plaza.

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José María Velasco Ibarra was a president. He was most prominent from to José was born on March 19th, in Quito. Jose De Ibarra Joaquín Ibarra Mickey Ibarra Educator Ascensión Esquivel Ibarra If you manage to meetpeople in your life, chances are that 22 of them will have Ibarra as their last name.

José María Morelos () was a Mexican parish priest who joined the forces seeking to liberate Mexico from Spanish rule. He became the greatest of the insurgent military commanders, and as a statesman he advocated far.

Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra was born in Quito on March 19, His father, Alejandrino Velasco, was an engineer. His father, Alejandrino Velasco, was an engineer. His mother, Dona Delia Ibarra, had a very deep and lasting impact on the intellectual and moral formation of her son.

Mar 04,  · José María Velasco Ibarra, Ecuadorian ex-president El Empalme, Ecuador, known officially as Velasco Ibarra, a city in Guayas, Ecuador José María Velasco Ibarra on a stamp of Ecuador José María Velasco Ibarra (March 19, – March 30, ) was an Ecuadorian politician.

Galo Plaza

He was elected.

A life and career of jose m velasco ibarra
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