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Thus, peaceful human cooperation, the prerequisite of prosperity and civilization, cannot exist without a social apparatus of coercion and compulsion, i.

In cognizance of this fact some people have called government an evil, although admitting that it is a necessary evil. Many of our contemporaries are firmly convinced that what is needed to render all human affairs perfectly satisfactory is brutal suppression of all "bad" people, i.

The experience provided by history, especially by that of the last years, has not shaken this belief in salvation by tyranny and the liquidation of dissenters. But busy with the study of the immense historical material, they become preoccupied with detail, with the numberless instances of petty jealousy, envy, personal ambition, and covetousness displayed by the actors on the political scene.

The evils of violence, robbery, and murder can be prevented only by an institution that itself, whenever needed, resorts to the very methods of acting for the prevention of which it is established.

If all men were able to realize that the alternative to peaceful social cooperation is the renunciation of all that distinguishes Homo sapiens from the beasts of prey, and if all had the moral strength always to act accordingly, there would not be any need for the establishment of a social apparatus of coercion and oppression.

The eminence of man consists in his power to choose ends and to resort to means for the attainment of the ends chosen; the activities of government aim at restricting this discretion of the A perfect government essay. However, the main deficiency of this allegedly realistic approach to the problem is not this alone.

Nothing of what is to be said about the necessity of governmental action and the benefits derived from it can remove or mitigate the suffering of those who are languishing in prisons.

The "political scientists" are free from the illusions and self-deception that mar the judgment of anarchists and socialists. A shallow-minded school of social philosophers, the anarchists, chose to ignore the matter by suggesting a stateless organization of mankind.

It is a double-edged makeshift to entrust an individual or a group of individuals with the authority to resort to violence. No reform can render perfectly satisfactory the operation of an institution the essential activity of which consists in inflicting pain. Neither to them nor to their adepts who tried to realize their schemes did it ever occur that there is a fundamental difference between these two things.

Government is beating into submission, imprisoning, and killing. It is to be seen in the illusion that government, an institution whose essential function is the employment of violence, could be operated according to the principles of morality that condemn peremptorily the recourse to violence.

If men were perfect, there would not be any need for government. However, what is required to attain an end sought and considered as beneficial is not an evil in the moral connotation of this term, but a means, the price to be paid for it.

They ascribe the failure of all political systems heretofore tried to the moral and intellectual weakness of man. What is today called "political science" is that branch of history that deals with the history of political institutions and with the history of political thought as manifested in the writings of authors who disserted about political institutions and sketched plans for their alteration.

The utopians did not bother to tell us what arrangement of affairs of state would best satisfy their fellow citizens. The authority of man-made law is entirely due to the weapons of the constables who enforce obedience to its provisions.

They assign to him a place in the long line of the designers of utopian schemes. What some consider as good or best is often passionately rejected by others as entirely bad. But even if for the sake of argument we put aside this issue, we have to emphasize that the concept of the perfect system of government is fallacious and self-contradictory.

It is a principle with regard to which the Gospels agree with the often badly misunderstood teachings of the utilitarian philosophy. Starting from this doctrine, they tried to draft plans for a political order that could function automatically, as it were, and would not be embroiled by the ineptitude and vices of men.

It is true, government is indispensable because men are not faultless. What elevates man above all other animals is the cognition that peaceful cooperation under the principle of the division of labor is a better method to preserve life and to remove felt uneasiness than indulging in pitiless biological competition for a share in the scarce means of subsistence provided by nature.

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The Soviet dictators and their retinue think that all is good in Russia as long as they themselves are satisfied. But there is no doubt that many of the most bloody "liquidators" were guided by the ideas that inspired from time immemorial the attempts of philosophers to meditate on a perfect constitution.

Yet historians and sometimes even victims whom he puts to death are not averse to finding some extenuating circumstances for his massacres or planned massacres by pointing out that he was ultimately motivated by a noble ambition: But even if such a new branch of praxeology were to emerge one day, it would be of no use for the treatment of the problem philosophers and statesmen were and are anxious to solve.

People may be prone to forget it because the law-abiding citizen meekly submits to the orders of the authorities so as to avoid punishment. They simply passed over the fact that men are A perfect government essay angels.

In deifying the state — if he is an orthodox Marxian, he calls it society — and in assigning to it unlimited power, he deifies himself and aims at the violent suppression of all those with whom he disagrees.

That every human action has to be judged and is judged by its fruits or results is an old truism. But designed to cope with some aspects of human imperfection, it can never be perfect.

The men who are to protect the community against violent aggression easily turn into the most dangerous aggressors.

All great achievements of mankind were the product of a spontaneous effort on the part of individuals; government substitutes coercion for voluntary action.

There is no need to urge the political scientists to assemble all facts from the remote past and from recent history, falsely labeled "present experience.

They misuse their power for the oppression of those whom they were expected to defend against oppression. It would be preposterous to assert apodictically that science will never succeed in developing a praxeological aprioristic doctrine of political organization that would place a theoretical science by the side of the purely historical discipline of political science.

Guided by this insight, man alone among all living beings consciously aims at substituting social cooperation for what philosophers have called the state of nature or helium omnium contra omnes or the law of the jungle.Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more.

Get started now! Free Essay: From the early stages of civilization men created a form of government to help bring order to society. One of the greatest philosophers Thomas. My ideal government essaysThroughout the history of the world, there have been many different forms of government, ranging from monarchies, dictatorships, republics, and even anarchy.

Respectively each of these governments has their good points and bad points.

I believe that a government where the p. What is a perfect government? Is it an ideal place for any person? A utopia? In by George Orwell, he portrays a totalitarian government called “Big Brother.”. The perfect government a goal set by many ambitious nations to achieve, but have they? The answer is yes and no.

"In theory" any government setup would work flawlessly if the people themselves were infinitely wise, infinitely benevolent, and infinitely just.

Even a monarchy would operate seamlessly 3/5(2). A perfect dictator would listen to citizens, just like the government would in a democracy. The goal is to have a system, where there are as little weaknesses that people can take advantage of to be selfish/immoral.

A perfect government essay
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