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Allegations were also made that several of the probe committee members were themselves complicit in the scam. The court of Pravas Kumar Singh announced the quantum of punishment via video conference due to security reasons.

Then on 27 Januarythe deputy commissioner of West Singhbhum district, Amit Khareacted on direction from Vijai Shankar Dubey to conduct a raid on the offices of the animal husbandry department in the town of Chaibasa in the district under his authority.

Jagannath Mishra was also convicted. RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav, who is unwell and is in the hospital for the last three days, did not attend the hearing. Lulu was the mastermind of this whole scam and his personal greed made him do all the unethical things.

Essay Example: Assignment On Fodder Scam

The year-old leader has lost his Lok Sabha seat and is also barred from contesting election for six years following the sentencing due to an earlier Supreme Court order.

But unfortunately, Lulu Parkas Hydra the prime convicted person got bail from apex court of India. Lalu and Rabri were chargesheeted in April and charges were framed by the court on 9 June On 19 JanuaryState Finance Secretary V S Dubey ordered district magistrates and deputy commissioners of all districts to go into cases of excessive withdrawals.

Finally, the couple was acquitted on 18 December by a special CBI court.

Here are the four fodder scam cases in which RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav has been convicted

Judge Shivpal Singh pronounced the judgment in which a total of 19 accused were convicted, while 12 were acquitted. On 24 January the court passed judgement for the third case and has awarded a five-year jail term and imposed a fine of Rs.

Core ethical issue in the case: The quantum of punishment in the case is yet to be pronounced. An ethics of co-responsibility is required and can only be implemented through mechanisms well beyond the legal system.

The documents his team seized, and went public with, conclusively indicated large-scale embezzlement by an organised mafia of officials and business people. Many employees of the department were suspended and sentenced by the Courts, against whom there were evidence or direct involvement in the scam.

Consequences of their misconduct: On resigning, he installed his wife, Rabri Devi as CM. The enquiry revealed a whole scale loot of government money; drawn fradulently by forged documents. Structured 2 Continuous chain of closer scrutiny. Both Lalu and Mishra were sentenced to five-year rigorous imprisonment under various sections of the IPC and the Prevention of Corruption Act, along with a cumulative fine of Rs 10 lakh.

Among all these political guns was Sushil Kumar Modi who initiated the whole episode after it was broken out by V S Dubey [16]. L all being the Chief Minister, tried to influence the government officials by all means. Most new cases filed after the division of Bihar state into the new Bihar and Jharkhand states in November were filed in the new Jharkhand High Court located in Ranchi, and several cases previously filed in the Patna High Court in Patna were also transferred to Ranchi.

The court has announced a sentence of five years and four years for Laloo and Jagannath Mishra, respectively.

The scam[ edit ] The scam had its origins in small-scale embezzlement by some government employees submitting false expense reports, which grew in magnitude and drew additional elements, such as politicians and businesses, over time, until a full-fledged mafia had formed.

File The order on quantum of punishment will be passed following arguments on March 21, 22 and Fourth fodder scam case: Dilemma Faced by Lulu: The Income Tax claimed that Lalu had amassed wealth of Rs.Mar 19,  · Here are the four fodder scam cases in which RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav has been convicted InLalu Prasad Yadav was charged under the Prevention of Corruption Act in connection with the fodder scam after the CBI found irregularities worth Rs Express Web Desk.

The fodder scam, as the case has come to be known, belongs to another era.

Fodder Scam

It involved officials in the state animal husbandry department withdrawing funds amounting to Rs crore from the government treasury with fictitious bills. This neither happened overnight nor in Fodder Scam, Lalu, and the Conviction. Fodder Scam.

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ASSIGNMENT. NCRD’S STERLING INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES SUBJECT BUSINESS ETHICS CASE STUDY ON The fundamental objective of our research is to find out the role of Raju in. The scam was said to have its origins in small- scale embezzlement by some government employees submitting false expense ports with involvement having major hand of Lulu Parkas Hydra (chief minister of that state), Jonathan Miser, Mr.

Assignment On Fodder Scam  Running Head: FODDER SCAM FODDER SCAM Sunder () Fairleigh Dickinson University MADS ETHICS AND PUBLIC VALUES Professor: Brenda Lyshaug 8thJuly The Scam: The Fodder Scam winding some hundreds of millions of dollars in alleged fraudulent manner from the government.

The Fodder Scam was a corruption scam was said to have its origins in small-scale embezzlement by some government employees submitting false expense reports with involvement having major hand of Lalu prasad yadav (chief minister of that state), Jagganath Misra, killarney10mile.comsh Sharma, Government Employees, bureaucrats & .

Assignment on fodder scam
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