Can you write a book anonymously

Thanks to social media, it is easier to connect the dots and when the juggernaut of a media hunt for someone begins, it is hard to get ahead of it.

Communicate your intention to use a pseudonym with a literary agent or publishing editor. The only way to ensure complete anonymity when it comes to publishing a book is to take up a career as a ghostwriter. While you are about it, change the names of the locations detailed in the book.

Even if it is a perfect manuscript, a perceived error will be enough to drive some readers away from your work. At the time there was a climate where if you published too often, your work was considered to be subpar because you were obviously writing too fast.

If anyone wants to get to the truth badly enough, it is always possible to do so. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article. Or, which could lead someone with a little prior knowledge to piece it all together.

An author who wants to publish anonymously should understand its benefits and implications before beginning the process of picking a pseudonym.

If you want people to read, enjoy and recommend your book, all the same rules apply here too. The first question most people ask when they realize that an author is publishing anonymously is this: The most common reason for wanting anonymity is when the content is of a sensitive nature.

Controversial works are also considered for anonymous publication, even from first-time authors. If you are writing for something women, choose a name that resonates with them. By all means, record your full experiences, but make sure all the protagonists are anonymous too.

How To Publish a Book Anonymously

I would certainly recommend that anyone considering writing anonymously considers the full implications before deciding to do so. Make sure that the name suits your target audience. In fact, there are many, many books which have appeared in this way.

I often speak with would-be authors who have been through harrowing real life experiences and want to share them with others in a bid to perhaps steer them away from falling into the same trap. Although there are some famous folks who publish anonymously and revel in it, if your pen name is generating a ton of sales as a writer and no one knows or understands that it is you, it can be difficult.

Once their work has been published successfully, authors may long for credit and praise. Writing without recognition can be more stressful than many might imagine.

Be wary of anything that can even imply the identity of someone who is being accused of a wrong-doing. JK Rowling famously published crime novels under the pseudonym Robert Gabraith in a bid to stay under the radar. It should also be noted that the chances of being outed are far higher today.Many authors actually look to publish a book anonymously because they don’t think that book will succeed.

They don’t want to take a risk with their real name or their established identity. Here’s a simple fact to consider: if you don’t think a book is good, then most readers will hold the same opinion.

Write a quality book manuscript. The publishing industry is highly competitive; therefore, study the market, read extensively, boost your writing skills, join.

What’s in a name? Can you write a book anonymously? - The Ghost Writing Blog

Yes, you can. You can also use a nom d'plume (alias). Your publishing contract would include a non-disclosure agreement or clauses protecting your actual identity from being revealed. A recent example of an anonymously publish bestseller is Primary Colors, ostensibly about the first of Bill Clinton.

Of course there are publishers who will consider publishing your book either anonymously or under a pseudonym and I am one of them. Our publishing agreement would be in your real legal name, but the book’s author can be whatever name you wish it to be as long as you aren’t impersonating someone else.

How can I write anonymously (based on true experiences)? If you use a pen name, no-one buying the book will know that you are the real author.

The only persons are the ones working for your publisher, because you sign contracts with your real name. You can then elaborate or amend the details so that it becomes slightly less clear that.

Its publication anonymously was one of those last-minute decisions and a mistake, because so many people knew of it that the identity of the writer could not be kept a secret.

How to Publish a Book Anonymously

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Can you write a book anonymously
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