Congo swot analysis

The emphasis was all on spoken English and they had no practice in reading and writing. In fact 5 of them reported that when they asked a question in English, it was usually answered in Spanish, which did not help.

Then we hoped they would go out and spread the word about what they were learning, and how much fun it was. But each had a very specific reason for learning English.

They asked for specific classes like the ones we provide for refugee children, for them. We now know that helping the ladies in the refugee community define more deliberately just what they really want, is the most important part of the process.

The majority of the students were Spanish speakers, and there was no assistance provided for speakers of other languages.


We explored with them, when such a class could be arranged to accommodate as many of them as possible and they agreed that Saturday mornings would be ideal. And we are reassured that asking refugee women who have never had a formal education, to be in a class, is not the best way to help them to develop their English skills.

And we have a joyful job to do, finding the tutors to make it happen for as many as we can.

Congo (Democratic Republic)

The rise in self confidence of these students shows in the sparkle in their eyes, and their enthusiasm to continue learning. The original volunteer prepared 6 ladies for successful citizenship tests, and has taught them and three others to read and write, each at her own level.

The volunteer who had wanted to try the computer approach, now switched to announcing that she would meet with ladies wanting to improve their English skills, at a time that an outreach worker could provide transport for one or more ladies, and that the volunteer could get to the office for an hour and a half.

We also used it to look at a program that women in our refugee groups came together to ask us to begin for them. After much consultation with the original group, and with the outreach workers who were trying hard to meet a critical need so that the ladies could become more employable, we made an exploratory beginning with one student at a time.

A group of 20 women met with me to explain that the ESL classes that were provided for them by the County had two major drawbacks.

Congo grille SWOT Analysis

What they really wanted was to practice and learn with someone whose first language was English and at the same time either work together with the instructor, to get ready to pass the citizenship test, or to get ready to work in a particular setting.

Now we can spread the word about what a difference learning to read and write makes.

Sodexo S.A. SWOT Analysis

We had hoped to train three of the original group, to use one of the effective computer courses for children,using lap tops at our office. The ladies who had a very clear idea about why they wanted to learn English quickly adapted to this system, and it worked well, because changes in work schedules could be accommodated, and the students could ask specific questions that were meaningful to them, and progress faster than if they had to wait for others to practice what they already knew.

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An actual Saturday was chosen for the class to begin, but many called in to say their work schedules had been changed and they could not come. That meant a more one on one approach.A SWOT analysis can be carried out for a specific project, organisation or even a whole sector.

This analysis leads to a richer understanding of what the project or organisation can offer, the key weaknesses that need to be worked upon in order to succeed, and where to bring in external partners for assistance.

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Africa ranks first in the world in the concentration of the world's largest accumulated reserves of gold, antimony, bauxite, chromium, cobalt, diamonds, fluorspar, hafnium, manganese, phosphate rock, platinum metals, titanium.

SWOT and PESTLE analysis of East African Breweries Ltd

Threats in the SWOT analysis of Airtel Government Regulatory Framework: With the auction of spectrum & change in the government policies on a regular basis, it is a potential threat to the stability & existence of this industry thereby affecting the players.

Congo swot analysis
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