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The thesis of modern Analysts being questioned, the debate remains open. Wolf had argued that, had the cyclic writers known the Iliad and Odyssey which we possess, they would have imitated the unity of structure which distinguishes these two poems.

However, by works from many famous archaeologists, for example, Manfred Korfmann and Heinrich Schliemann, the Homeric Tale may not remain only as a legend as there are many arguments and evidences that could prove the existence of such event.

Did Homer’s Trojan War Exist?

Ancient accounts of Homer Many traditions circulated in the ancient world concerning Homer, most of which are lost. In the later part of the same series of discussionsand in his chief work Die Sagenpoesie der Griechen,he investigated the structure of the Homeric poems, and their relation to the other epics of the Trojan cycle.

Though the epic poem did not identify the exact location of Troy, it described some landmarks near it. The traditional solution is the "transcription hypothesis", wherein a non-literate singer dictates the poem to a literate scribe in the 6th century BC or earlier. After the establishment of the Library of AlexandriaHomeric scholars such as Zenodotus of Ephesus, Aristophanes of Byzantium and in particular Aristarchus of Samothrace helped establish a canonical text.

Also, it said that the Greek army camped on an island called Bozcaada. These habits aid the extemporizing bard, and are characteristic of oral poetry. C, B, A has been observed in the Homeric epics. According to Homer, the war started because Helen, the most beautiful Greek woman and wife of a Greek king, Menelaus, decided to leave her husband and ran away with a Trojan Prince, Paris.

The most recent excavations have determined that Troy, now covering about seventy-five acres, is about fifteen times larger than formerly thought. Others, such as Martin West or T.

As the word "interpolation" implies, Hermann did not maintain the hypothesis of a conflation of independent lays. Some contemporary scholars think the destruction of Troy VIIa circa BC was the origin of the myth of the Trojan War, others that the poem was inspired by multiple similar sieges that took place over the centuries.

This conclusion Wolf supports by the character attributed to the Cyclic poems whose want of unity showed that the structure of the Iliad and Odyssey must be the work of a later timeby one or two indications of imperfect connection, and by the doubts of ancient critics as to the authenticity of certain parts.

It is identical to the Greek word for "hostage". Kirk argued that Homeric poems were recited under a system that gave the reciter much more freedom to choose words and passages to achieve the same end than the Serbian poet, who was merely "reproductive".

Evidence for the very early use of the Greek alphabet to record poetry appears in the so-called Cup of Nestor inscription and the Dipylon Oinochoe inscription, both from c.

Moreover, the two layers of the city ruins were found by archaeologists during the excavation of this mound that date back to the time of the Trojan War. It has also been suggested by Pseudo-Plutarch that the name comes from a word meaning "to follow" and another meaning "blind".

Linguistic analysis suggests that the Iliad was composed slightly before the Odyssey, and that Homeric formulae preserve older features than other parts of the poems. It has been hypothesized that his name was back-extracted from the name of a society of poets called the Homeridaewhich literally means "sons of hostages", i.

He holds that Homeric poems differ from those traditions in their "metrical strictness", "formular system[s]" and creativity. Homer then expands on these ideas in subsequent clauses; this technique is called parataxis. Taking into account the repetition of the letters, a recent study of Stephan Vonfelt [20] highlights the unity of the works of Homer compared to Hesiod.

The sixth and seventh layers of the ruins are from about to B. The confusion which previous scholars had made between the ancient post-Homeric poets such as Arctinus of Miletus and Lesches and the learned mythological writers like the scriptor cyclicus of Horace was first cleared up by Welcker.

According to Wolf, the date of writing is among the first questions in the textual criticism of Homer. Parry starts with the former: Wolf reached the conclusion that the Iliad and Odyssey could not have been composed in the form in which we know them without the aid of writing.

Did the Trojan Horse exist? Classicist tests Greek 'myths'

In addition to the city ruins, ancient artifacts such as weapons and armor, Hittite clay tablets, and ancient pottery could also be evidence to prove the existence of Troy and The Trojan War. They must therefore have been, as Bentley has said, a sequel of songs and rhapsodies, loose songs not collected together in the form of an epic poem until about years after their original composition.Did the city of Troy really exist?

Is the Trojan War myth or military reality? And what about that giant horse? As the blockbuster Brad Pitt film Troy storms the cinemas, archaeologists and. Did the Trojan War Really Exist? Troy was a strategically situated city on a large body of water near modern day Cannakalle, Turkey.

Homer’s description of Troy as. Homer's Troy, did it really exist? Did the Trojan War really happen as depicted in the Iliad? There are many sceptics that say no, the Trojan War, described in.

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Free Essay: Was "Troy" the Movie Accurate According to Homer? Did the movie Troy, released inaccurately depict the story of Homer's epic. Read Did Homer’s Trojan War Exist? free essay and over 88, other research documents.

"There is no historical basis for the Trojan War, the location of Troy is debatable and therefore there is little 2 Pages. Heroes of the Trojan War.

Heroes of the Trojan War: What is a hero really? Everyone has their own beliefs about what a hero /5(1). We expect that doubters will finally take note of the new archaeological facts of the case and the findings of a really interdisciplinary approach to Troy research. If someone came up to me at the excavation one day and expressed his or her belief that the Trojan War did indeed happen here, my response as an archaeologist working at Troy.

Did homers troy really exist essay
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