Essay modern inventions are making us lazy

With devices like these, you can shop online for a new book while reading through clips, quick book reviews, and comparing similar reads. Just this weekend I went on a camping trip with some friends, and if not for GPS and direction-based services like Google Mapsyou probably would never have heard from me again.

Are modern inventions making us lazy

No worries — the Internet is here for you. Other sites similar to TaskRabbit: I want to suggest people that to make a perfect balance on their daily routine for the use of gadgets and physical fitness. But now-a-days people use calculator even to perform simple calculations which results in mental ability deterioration.

In fact, for this article we tweeted the question: Quality time with friends With so many friends to keep track of, who actually has the time to hangout in real life anymore? Zite differentiates itself by personalizing categories based on your interests through algorithms that learn your reading habits.

What about more recent news and updates? No more perusing the bookstore Inventions like the Kindle are doing so well that they are actually putting stores like Borders out of business and forcing physical book stores to adopt the emerging trend in digital book reading.

Other apps similar to FastCustomer: With our lives quickly becoming more and more effortless, we are constantly trying to find new ways to fit more of what we want into our day without actually having to do anything. The mental laziness has also occurred with modern gadgets.

RSS readers are a great way of subscribing to the news you find most relevant to your interests. No need for telephone calls or in-store visits — technology has you covered. There are a lot of inventions like TV, washing machines, cell phones, vehicles, vacuum cleaners etc.

By delegating your chores to TaskRabbit users, you can free up your time to do whatever else it is that might be doing. Why bother, after all, when they can just browse through your check in history and skim your suggestions on Yelp? This article is all about the modern gadgets which have made human life too easy which has affected their physical and mental fitness.

Journalists mining for stories It used to be that news came directly from the sources, or from hard research on the field.

Through planning apps like Plancast and Forecastyou can actually discover events that your friends are planning on attending, as well as plan events of your own and coordinate accordingly.

College students can now shrug their heavy backpacks off and tote around a single e-book reader that carries all of their weighty textbooks and squeezes in whatever they might be reading for pleasure.

Are we too lazy? There might be a lesser number of people who could go a week without their cell phones.

News at your fingertips We mentioned Wikipedia, Quora, and Twitter earlier: TaskRabbit is a service that connects people who need help with background-checked and pre-approved individuals who are happy to accommodate those needs for a sum. There is not a single area of human activity where gadgets are not used.

Online sites like Amazon. GrubHub is a neat service that allows you to sort through all of the restaurants near your location that allow for delivery or pickup.

We can take the example of a car that allows us to travel long distances without having any physical strain on our body. Training Mobs is the fitness version of such apps that helps you organize plans with friends in a more health and wellness-centric category.

Black Ops with them. Now you can have your dishes washed, laundry done, lawn mowed and food cooked while you sit back and read your favorite book, or flip through a few channels on TV. There was a time when people made mathematical tasks like addition, subtraction, multiplication and divide by making use of their brains alone.

Restaurant food delivery Did you know that even restaurants are making it easier for you to get their food without ever having to actually visit? Why bother picking up your phone and checking in with a friend when you can send them a quick wall post on Facebook to let them know you care?

Zite is another incredible magazine-style news e-reader for iPad, except this app gets smarter as you use it. We use vehicles everywhere; even when we need to go to the corner grocery shop. Seamless WebFoodlerand eat24hours. The shortcuts of communicating through networking services like Facebook and Twitter have done away with our traditional social obligations.

Thanks to technology, these tasks are a breeze! Other services similar to GrubHub: Modern gadgets have become a new limb of human body because in the absence of this new human body limb the human will feel like a handicapped.

Their minds become numbed.Are modern inventions making us lazy Are modern inventions making us lazyIn more ways than not, I say yes to the above question. The motorcar was invented some while back. Since then we have enjoyed an ease of traveling unequalled in history. Are modern inventions making us lazy Essay Are modern inventions making us lazy?

In more ways than not, I say yes to the above question. The motorcar was invented some while back. Since then we have enjoyed an ease of traveling unequalled in history. We have also become immeasurably lazier.

Search Results. Is Tv Making Us Lazy Some people agree some disagree but the fact of the matter is that Television is part of our everyday lives. Modern Technology is NOT making us lazy Everyone keeps on complaining that modern technology is making people lazy.

People complain and complain, until one day, their own devices and technology gets taken away. Technology has made us become lazy In the 21st century, technology has evolved to accommodate a more convenient lifestyle and meet.

Many ‘modern’ people are like my brother, four wheels take over the job of two legs. Consequently, their whole physical condition suffer. They become overweight, under-exercised and prone to a multitude of ailments.

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Essay modern inventions are making us lazy
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