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Festivals, which evolved in the primitive society out of the prayer for food, have now become varied and colourful. They all carry the image of Lord Buddha to the river front and set down the image on a floating bed. The tenth day of Muharram is called Ashura. Temple festivals, Food festivals, Folk festivals, Fairs and many others.

Nobody knows the origin of the fair but it has continued for ages and is full of fun and festivity. The area of the country is 55, square miles. Book Exhibition at Shilpakala Academy Academy for Arts and Culture On 21st February of a massive procession was taken out, led by the Students Union of Dhaka University and people from all walks of life joined spontaneously to protest against the declaration of Urdu as the sole State language of Pakistan.

The Baisuk festival of the Tripura tribe is Essay on festivals of bangladesh by worshipping the god Shiva and asking for his blessings.

List of festivals in Bangladesh

Afterwards, they complete the bathing of the image in milk or sandalwood water and return with it to set it in the Temple or in their homes. Baisakhi Melas are arranged in many parts of the country. Nakshi pankha, dolls, decorated pottery as well as musical instruments such as flute, drum, ektara are also sold.

Thousands of Muslims take part in the secular part of festivities in celebration of Bengali solidarity and culture. Bangladesh was admitted to the United Nations in On that day five valiant sons of this country laid down their lives to win recognition for Bangla as a State language. Many people from the big cities go to their ancestral houses and homes in the villages to share the joy of the festival with friends and relatives.

Traditional handicrafts, hand-made cakes, special kinds of food stuff, sweets, potteries, bangles, pitchers and cane products are the main exhibits. The homes, streets, markets and parks are illuminated with lighting decorations in the evening.

Major pujas of Dhaka are held in numerous pandals, but the biggest celebration takes place at Dhakeshwari Temple where several thousand devotees and onlookers stream through the premises for four days. This was done to strengthen tree planting movement in the country.

Artistes present songs to welcome the New Year. Many fairs are held in Dhaka and other towns and villages. This day is the public holiday in Bangladesh. Poila Boishakh marks the start day of the crop season. However, the viksu community prefer to wear cloth the colour of red flowers, as it is different from the cloth that ordinary people wear and also because it does not have attractive designs.

The later is practically a creation of the present century, and is based on the cultivated form of the dialect and day-to-day talks. The government of Bangladesh declares the holiday for three days on Eid-ul Fitr. In Bengal also it has been observed for the last few centuries.

There is about people per square mile. Lalbagh Forta Mughal architecture of Bangladesh. It is a public holiday. The day is national holiday, national flag is flown atop public and private houses and special food is served in orphanages, hospitals and jails.

The Hindu weddings also follow the same parts of the wedding but the wedding part is somewhat different. He was born and died the same day on 12th Rabiul Awal Lunar Month. Soon after Tagore practically discarded Sadhu Bhasa, and Chalit Bhasa is now generally favored by writers who have no particular fascination for the traditional literary style.Festivals have always played a significant role in the life of the people of Bangladesh.

Those are parts and parcels of Bangalee culture and tradition. Fairs and Festivals in Bangladesh Introduction Bangladesh appeared on the world map as an independent and sovereign state on December 16, following the victory at the War of Liberation with Pakistan, Bangladesh is a member of the United Nations (UN) and its various specialized bodies and agencies including ESCAP.

Words Essay on Festivals (free to read) Article shared by. Festivals are part of one’s custom, culture and tradition. They are there for us to celebrate. It helps us forget our routine. It gives us some momentary, mental and physical relaxation and thus frees us from die shackles of monotonous work.

Essay on Festivals. Words Essay. Festivals and celebrations are an integral part of the culture of Bangladesh. Muslim festivals of Eid ul-Fitr, Eid ul-Adha, Milad un Nabi, Muharram, Chand raat, Shab-e.

Essay on Fairs and Festivals in Bangladesh scattered throughout the country are countless ancient monuments and antiquities. Excavations at Paharpur, Vasu-Bihar, Mahasthan, Sitakot, Mainamati, and other ancient sites together with research have greatly helped enrich knowledge about the country’s early history.

FESTIVALS. Pahela Baishakh: The advent of Bengali New Year is gaily observed throughout the country. The Day (mid-April) is a public holiday. Most colorful daylong March 26 is the day of Independence of Bangladesh.

It is the biggest state festival. This day is most befittingly observed and the capital wears a festive look.

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Essay on festivals of bangladesh
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