Fountain pen writing paper

Clairefontaine makes similar stuff from their Triomphe line, and the texture is so heavy that writing is almost a chore.

What are your favourite fountain pen friendly papers? Let me know in the comments. What are some fountain pen friendly papers? These considerations do not define the viability of fountain pen ink friendly paper, but rather a personal bias.

Some people hate ghosting, others are indifferent and some a rare few are even partial to it. Lalo is almost like writing on a smooth, dense canvas. The best example being the excellent Tomoe River paper that due to its inherent lightness 52 gsm is prone to such aesthetic quirks.

Ball points use a very thick gel-like ink and quick-drying hence the super absorbent paper is the preferred option.

What Makes Paper Fountain Pen Friendly?

This is a UK-specific option and ridiculously cheap. Fountain pen friendly paper could ironically be defined as paper with specific ink resistance.

This is really a situation where personal bias comes into play. Lalo produces high end and high priced paper with a perfect feel in my opinion. Crown Mill Laid Paper: Something to be aware of for those who tend to write quickly and want to turn the page pronto.

Sadly, since modern paper is designed to be used with ballpoints, I find this to be a relatively common issue. I would much prefer writing on Clairefontaine with a cheap Lamy Safari rather than mutilating my Pilot Falcon nib on cheap copier paper.

The other way manufacturers create fountain pen friendly paper is through a specific finish.

Fountain Pen Paper

This is the one real problem that seems to be universally despised by fountain pen aficionados. What makes ideal paper for fountain pens different? A German company, but the paper is made in Taiwan.

Some really like this, but others prefer a bit of feedback from their nibs. This is great stuff although the texture is super smooth — almost glassy. Besides a superior writing experience, high quality paper that is fountain pen friendly is milled in such a way as to minimize the amount of fibers that get stuck between the tines of your nib, which is really good, as those little clumps of fiber can really hamper your writing experience.

Quite expensive in Europe compared to the commonly available Clairefontaine options. The obvious exception to this being the appeal of laid or woven paper, but those are really aesthetic considerations.Writing Paper - in stock now for fast UK and worldwide shipping.

Every pen I try on this paper feels so amazingly nice. When comparing pens it's almost dangerous to only test on this tomoe paper because you think "wow, this is one of the smoothest writing pens ever" until you switch back to more normal paper.

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However, even with the best fountain pen paper, you may get traces of your writing being visible on the other side. This is known as show-through or sometimes called “ghosting.” Show-through can be countered by using a thicker paper stock, such as 32lb over 20lb.

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How to Write with a Fountain Pen. How to Write with a Fountain Pen. May 2, For example, you may start with more pressure on the paper and end on a lighter stroke. One great fountain pen.

Like regular paper, fountain pen paper comes in a range of sheet styles, from lined to blank to grid. A popular option is Rhodia's dot grid ruling where light gray dots are arranged in a grid pattern, providing a nice guideline for writing without being intrusive.

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Fountain pen writing paper
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