Healthy fast food business plan

One secret to the speed of Nudlez meals is that the meats and vegetables are pre-blanched and hygienically sealed in the same pail that the customer eventually receives.

Product Lifecycle The restaurant industry is in a rapidly growing phase. The service will be exceptional. For a start, shop fronts in good locations are expensive. Not only was the food freshly cooked in front of him, but the visual entertainment combined to augment the vibrant street culture.

10 Best Fast Food Meals

From there he traveled overseas working in such places as the UK, Bosnia during the warRomania and Holland. Healthy Fast Food Meal No The equipment necessary for the operation of Pasta Now!

As pasta has moved to the center stage as a product that both tastes good and is good for you, Pasta Now! The marketing objectives are to: Event catering and supermarket convenience foods will be markets that Nudlez then diversifies into. An American original, the diner, spread across the country and soon evolved into chain restaurants operated by local and regional corporations.

Once brand recognition has been achieved, catering services will be offered, and the Nudlez products will be available in supermarkets. Choose their tasty grilled chicken breast as your entree, and mashed potatoes and corn as your two sides. The conservatism also allows for logistics accidents, staff truancy, etc.

The Nudlez brand was born! The national and local trends toward consumption of healthy food will continue. Healthy Fast Food Meal No. Of these, 12 feature some form of pasta as a menu item.

Additionally, we will sell a limited number of franchises of the national chain.

Fast Food Restaurant Business Plan

Advertising campaigns will utilize newspaper, radio, and direct mail coupon marketing. Revenue estimates reflect these ratios.

Catering for any size occasion is available. Realizing the opportunity to seize a market niche through rapid expansion, the inventor also joined forces with an experienced international business team to develop and implement that initiative. The key to making such a venture successful domestically would be to ensure healthy fast food business plan the vendor outlets are very hygienic, comply with health standards, serviced by an efficient re-supply network producing consistent meals, with professionalism and quality paramount.

Product Production and Preparation Raw product has been sourced from selected Seattle suppliers. Her opinions and conclusions are her own. As these additional franchises are sold, Pasta Now! Customers The customers for restaurants in the geographical area served by Pasta Now!

This Nevada corporation will in turn own Pasta Now! Adults over 50 dine out an average of 2. Dan Billings and Mr. Consumers today, particularly in business-centric cites, have a relatively high disposable income. Nudlez provides this, with the added bonus of serving the meal quickly.

Nudlez is a state-of-the-art stir-fry noodle street vending system. Another good choice would be the Chargrilled and Fruit Salad from Chick-fil-A, the lowest in fat and cholesterol. Southwest Salad and Fruit n Yogurt Parfait McDonalds The grilled chicken salads offered at a handful of fast food chains are among the best options -- as long as the chicken is grilled, not fried, and the dressing is light.

This can be minimized through diversifying brand through catering, franchising and a supermarket product line. It is only this time constraint that is satisfied though, as taste and nutrition are compromised. Target strategic partner for joint venture, master franchise or sale of Nudlez Threats Local government regulations in relation to street vendors means permits secured have minimum life period, however change in this area is slow Vulnerability to imitation products from competitors will be reduced through rapid development of Nudlez products and brand.

In years two and three the sales staff will grow from 20 to people, and the production staff will grow from 12 to people. During a recent, non-scientific, interview session, state employees from the Department of Transportation and the Department of Motor Vehicles were asked at random how many times per week they dine out for lunch.

Weaknesses Defendability of concept as the meal products cannot be patented; this needs to be addressed by building strong brand awareness and establishing copyright on total quality system. There are no physical limitations to the market area since the Las Vegas location is well served by several state highways.

Adding a large bowl of their Hearty Breast of Chicken Soup would make this a filling meal.10 Fast Food Chains That Serve Fresh And Healthy Cuisine. Megan Durisin. The arrival of fresh fast food couldn't have happened soon enough." John. A. Bornoty launched the business in No, I would respond.

I'm eating healthy. As fast-food chains increasingly try to appeal to health-conscious Americans, supposedly nutritious items are popping up on menus more and more. From KFC's. Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed. Fast Food v2 Business Plan: Business Plans - Volume Toggle navigation.

The current fast food market does not provide for fast healthy food. Pasta Now! fills that void by allowing customers to obtain fast food which is healthy for them and their children.

Continued Healthy Fast Food Meal No. 6: Chargrilled Chicken Cool Wrap (Chick-fil-A) I think this is the best-looking, best tasting, most satisfying fast food chicken wrap on the market.

typical fried fast-food products with the convenience of fast-food with rapid response times. The mission of Speed Grill is to provide people high-quality, healthy fast-food at a reasonable price.

We Speed Grill Business Plan. Kona-Q healthy restaurant business plan market analysis summary. Kona-Q is a fast-casual restaurant, serving fast, fresh, healthy grilled meats and vegetables.

Toggle navigation. Starting a business made easy. Business Ideas Fast food: Offers the convenience of fast service. The food product is not competitive, but people are often willing /5(54).

Healthy fast food business plan
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