How to limit p plate crashes

And if you regularly drive on roads where there are a lot of trucks and larger vehicles, please take a moment to see these lifesaving safety tips for driving near trucks.

Remind them of this every now and then and if they borrow your car, you can set a few rules. P platers have three times the risk of being in a crash where at least one person is injured or killed. Think about what car your learner will drive.

However, displaying the Green Plates can take a lot of grief away from your early driving experience. Use alternative transport whenever possible. Use P Plates until you feel confident enough to drive without them. The DVSA Pass Plus scheme is a confidence builder driving course for new drivers who have just passed the driving test.

The first 6 to 12 months of a probationary driver having their new license is the most dangerous time, being the time when they are more likely to have an accident causing injury or death. There are things you can do to reduce their risk. The first two years after passing the driving test are the worst for accidents!

Setting limits for driving— no night driving, no alcohol when driving, only carrying the approved number of passengers No risky driving behaviours — street racing or demonstrations Ongoing appraisal of driving skills and knowledge Undertake defensive driving courses Purchasing and driving a car with a four or five star rating For further information see the full article in the Canberra Times about probationary drivers will open in new window Have a look at the Perth road accident statistics all drivers for Minimise distractions, such as changing CDs and the radio.

Check the Roads and Maritime website for more information on driver licence conditions and to download the exemption form PDF, Kb. P platers are especially crash prone, particularly in their first year of driving.

Sometimes drivers make mistakes or make poor judgements. Scan intersections for hazards. Even with 75 hours of experience as a learner, P platers are still developing safe driving skills and still have a high risk of crashing. You can leave them on your car for as long as you like.

Provisional P2 drivers who receive a suspension for unsafe driving behaviour must stay on their licence for an extra 6 months for every suspension they receive. This issue has been the subject of a lot of scientific studies. There is no law as to how long a new driver should display P Plates on the car.

Restrictions for L and P plate drivers

Police have reported that too many young drivers have been caught hiding their L and P plates in obscure positions on dashboards. The minimum is 4 demerit points, a fine and 3 month licence suspension.

What is Pass Plus? In addition, P2 drivers who get suspended for unsafe driving will end up adding an extra 6 months to the time they need to spend on their P2 licence. Double demerit points apply to mobile phone offences during all holiday periods such as long weekends, Christmas, New Year and Easter.

Sending a text message when driving is even worse. New drivers should never drive after drinking. Over a thousand young lives are lost each year in the UK, in the future. The Institute of Road Safety in the Netherlands has summarised the research.

Wait for longer gaps when turning into or across traffic. Horrific crashes involving cars full of young people are all too common. They are a reminder of how important it is to heed the traffic rules and focus on driving safely.

Drive at an appropriate speed for the conditions, which may be below the speed limit. Rest assured we are highly experienced professionals offering a variety of road transport services.

Their crash risk in the first few months is very high compared to later in the provisional period. Provisional licence holders are prohibited from having any alcohol or drugs in their system.

L and P plates L and P plates must now be displayed on the exterior of cars. This means that holders of a provisional licence are not allowed to drive prohibited vehicles. Driving with the P plate is a great idea for most drivers until they have gained full confidence behind the wheel.

Cars with relative high levels of crash protection can be found at affordable prices. Inexperienced drivers need the safest car.In fact once a P-plate driver takes their first solo drive, they are now 30 times more likely to crash and 3 times more likely to be injured or killed than very experienced drivers.

Basically they are in the ‘most at risk’ category of drivers. In particular, late night driving poses an increased risk with 33% of fatal crashes among first year P drivers occurring between 10pm and 6am.

However, p plate drivers do only 9% of their driving during these hours. THE number of P-Platers driving cars involved in fatalities on the state's roads stands at 19 this year, compared with a total of 59 during the last 12 months, statistics reveal.

P plate drivers are 33% more likely to have a crash than L plate drivers (Monash University ). This is due to a number of factors such as: Inexperience Poor decision making Willingness to take risks whilst driving The influence of peer pressure Alcohol and drug use Stress and fatigue.

Twenty-one young people have died this year in crashes involving P-plate drivers.

Helping P plate drivers

"That is more than a rugby team that won't come home because of accidents which could have been avoided," Mr Gay said. Driving with the P plate is a great idea for most drivers until they have gained full confidence behind the wheel.

Research shows the mortality rate reduces by nearly half for drivers of just two years’ driving experience.

How to limit p plate crashes
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