How to write a review of a systematic review

Quality appraisal is perhaps the most central step, and there are a number of checklists which have been developed to help with this process. Vague hypothesis or research question. Plan carefully, and document everything.

Forest plots visually depict each trial as a horizontal diamond shape with the middle representing the effect size e. The reliable source of evidence in healthcare. Indeed, participating in a review update or joining a well-established review team, can be a helpful way of getting involved in the systematic review process.

How to write a systematic review.

The common method of data extraction is using an electronic or paper standardized form. Systematic Review Article After the extensive mass of literature has been collected, it is necessary to filter them on the basis of your study selection criteria.

The question should be clearly focussed, neither too narrow nor too broad. The correct interpretation of results determines the quality of your systematic review and it needs to be carried out with caution. Methodology and potential bias might also be listed.

Fictitious Example Does the regular wearing of ultraviolet-blocking sunscreen prevent melanoma? This systematic review analyzed fourteen studies randomized, double-blinded, and placebo controlled that used hawthorn leaf and flower extract monopreparations to determine whether there is any benefit or harm in using hawthorn extract to treat chronic heart failure when compared to placebo.

Developing a primary research question thus gives a firm basis to the conduction of your systematic review article.

A Guide to Conducting Systematic Reviews: Home

Wright RW et al. It starts with a summary statement setting out the main finding. A standardized data extraction form comprises of certain essentials like the reference of the study. Ideally, we would like to see this entire diamond effect size and both anchors of the CI falling below zero, indicating that the intervention is favoured over the control.

At the bottom of the graph is a summary effect size or diamond representing all of the individual studies pooled together. Click here Step 8: It is important to identify the relevant studies that can be specifically helpful for your research.

Integrating Evidence-based Medicine into Clinical Practice. If you are not confident, please do consult a statistician before the review begins. The aim of searching the literature is to produce an inclusive list of relevant research studies from which to select the studies included in the review.

The results are then interpreted.However, in a systematic review of reviews, it may be possible to limit the searches to databases specific to systematic reviews such as the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews and the Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects.

Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses. Lindsay S. Uman, PhD 1 McGrath PJ, Kisely S.

Systematic Review

A systematic review of randomized controlled trials examining psychological interventions for needle-related procedural pain and distress in children and adolescents: An abbreviated Cochrane review. Journal of Pediatric Psychology. How to Write a Systematic Review lyzed (systematic review) quantitatively (meta-analysis).

The QUORUM (Quality of Reporting of Meta-analyses) statement was established in by a group of epidemiol-ogists. A systematic review is a highly rigorous review of existing literature that addresses a clearly formulated question.

Systematic reviews are regarded as the best source of research evidence. This article discusses the types of systematic review, systematic review protocol and its registration, and the best approach to conducting and writing a.

Steps in the Systematic Review Process. Identify your research question. Formulate a clear, well-defined research question of appropriate scope. A systematic review is a review of the literature that addresses a clearly formulated question and uses systematic and explicit methods to: identify publications.

How to write a review of a systematic review
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