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Ideology controls the people. To give a theoretical reference-point here, I might say that, to return to our example of the dream, in its Freudian conception this time, our proposition: According to Althusser, the educational institution is the core of ideological state apparatuses.

Ideology has no History One word first of all to expound the reason in principle which seems to me to found, or at least to justify, the project of a theory of ideology in general, and not a theory of particular ideologies, which, whatever their form religious, ethical, legal, politicalalways express class positions.

Of course, assuming that we do not live one of these ideologies as the truth e. But let us leave this point, although it is heavy with consequences, consequences which are not just theoretical, but also directly political, since, for example, the whole theory of criticism and self-criticism, the golden rule of the Marxist-Leninist practice of the class struggle, depends on it.

My basic thesis is that it is not possible to pose these questions and therefore to answer them except from the point of view of reproduction. Besides its theoretico-didactic interest it reveals the difference between Marx and Hegelthis representation has the following crucial theoretical advantage: That it is transitional is inscribed in my expression: As for Capital, although it does contain many hints towards a theory of ideologies most visibly, the ideology of the vulgar economistsit does not contain that theory itself, which depends for the most part on a theory of ideology in general.

All these interpretations thus take literally the thesis which they presuppose, and on which they depend, i. Each mass ejected en route is practically provided with the ideology which suits the role it has to fulfil in class society: How is this reproduction of the diversified skills of labour power provided for in a ideological state apparatus essay writer regime?

Unfortunately, this interpretation leaves one small problem unsettled: What is their importance based on? Let us ignore this last distinction for the moment. There is therefore a cause for the imaginary transposition of the real conditions of existence: As I shall often have occasion to use this adjective descriptivea word of explanation is necessary in order to remove any ambiguity.

However, history, even recent history, shows that the bourgeoisie has been and still is able to accommodate itself to political Ideological State Apparatuses other than parliamentary democracy: I will be allowed to leave Pascal to the arguments of his ideological struggle with the religious Ideological State Apparatus of his day.

All its reality is external to it. NB, I do not mean by this that I want to reject the classical metaphor, for that metaphor itself requires that we go beyond it. What matters is how they function. I can now come to my central thesis.

The foremost objective and achievement of the French Revolution was not just to transfer State power from the feudal aristocracy to the merchant-capitalist bourgeoisie, to break part of the former repressive State apparatus and replace it with a new one e. What does this mean? Whereas the unity of the Repressive State Apparatus is secured by its unified and centralized organization under the leadership of the representatives of the classes in power executing the politics of the class struggle of the classes in power, the unity of the different Ideological State Apparatuses is secured, usually in contradictory forms, by the ruling ideology, the ideology of the ruling class.

“Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses”

For example, we may recognize our friends in the street and shake hand with him that shows that we have recognized him. Ideology has material existence. But as I have argued that it is essential to go beyond this still descriptive language, I shall say: However, it is not enough to ensure for labour power the material conditions of its reproduction if it is to be reproduced as labour power.

There was also a political Ideological State Apparatus the Estates General, the Parlement, the different political factions and Leagues, the ancestors of the modern political parties, and the whole political system of the free Communes and then of the Villes.

To that end, I propose the following thesis. The Christian Religious Ideology As the formal structure of all ideology is always the same, I shall restrict my analysis to a single example, one accessible to everyone, that of religious ideology, with the proviso that the same demonstration can be produced for ethical, legal, political, aesthetic ideology, etc.

In The German Ideology, the thesis that ideology has no history is therefore a purely negative thesis, since it means both: In this essay, Althusser tells how the conditions of means of production and productive forces are reproduced and maintained in the society.

The whole of the political class struggle revolves around the State. As we know, this formulation appears in so many words in a passage from The German Ideology. We have discussed the reproduction of the means of production — but not the reproduction of the productive forces.

Reproduction of Labour-Power However, the reader will not have failed to note one thing. By this mere one-hundred-and-eighty-degree physical conversion, he becomes a subject. In this preliminary remark and these concrete illustrations, I only wish to point out that you and I are always already subjects, and as such constantly practice the rituals of ideological recognition, which guarantee for us that we are indeed concrete, individual, distinguishable and naturally irreplaceable subjects.

Of course, the material existence of the ideology in an apparatus and its practices does not have the same modality as the material existence of a paving-stone or a rifle.On the other hand, ideological state apparatuses (ISAs) refer to a body of specialized institutions including the church, the educational, the family, etc.

the communications which function predominantly by ideology, and secondarily, by repression since school and church often apply mechanisms of repression such as punishment, expulsion. In the first half of his essay “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses”, Althusser says that, “the resistances of the exploited classes is able to find means and occasions to express itself there” (99), by which he means in the Ideological State Apparatuses.

hire writer The theory rest on the idea that what matters is the actions of “the subjects” rather than any forms of individual beliefs. Basically, it doesn’t matter what anybody believes, as long as they act according to that “religion” or ideology. 1. All Ideological State Apparatuses, whatever they are, contribute to the same result: the reproduction of the relations of production, i.e.

of capitalist relations of exploitation. 2. Each of them contributes towards this single result in the way proper to it. Read Louis Althusser’s essay “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses (Notes Toward an Investigation)” which you can find at the link below focusing your attention on understanding his perspective on the nature and roles of what he calls Ideological State Apparatuses (ISAs) and their relation to what he refers to as the Repressive State.

In the same vein, in his essay "Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses," (Notes Towards an Investigation, ) the French philosopher Louis Althusser uses a Marxist perspective to study the relationship, in the modern 3/5(4).

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