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The idea of atavismthen current, is employed to explain crimes not related to inequality which Bellamy thinks will vanish with socialism. West is surprised by how the society has turned out and the kindness he received from a complete stranger.

Leete becomes his host and guide as West discovers the social and economic changes that have taken place since West has been asleep for years. U of Massachusetts P, Bellamy left his editorial work in to spend his time writing essays, short stories, and novels.

Plot and Major Characters Looking Backward describes the looking backward edward bellamy essay journey of its protagonist, Julian West, from to when American society has been transformed by a socialist and technological order that supports human equality and freedom.

This first translation, the first piece of science fiction from a Western country published in Qing dynasty China, was done in an abridged format by Timothy Richard.

Although it has never been considered a literary masterpiece, Looking Backward is frequently praised for its presentation of socialism. Shortly after Edith accepts his marriage proposal, Julian awakens in his old world and disastrously attempts to convince his former contemporaries of the error of their ways.

In this he was not alone — between andno fewer than 11 such works of fiction were produced in the United States by various authors dealing fundamentally with the questions of economic and social organization.

The late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century readers embraced the short story as a vehicle for entertainment and information because it could be experienced in a single sitting after a wearying day of work. Electrical Development at Atlantis Harris, G.

Looking Backward: 2000-1887, Edward Bellamy - Essay

An Experiment in Marriage. This stranger and doctor is the other main character Dr. Looking Forward The result was a "battle of the books" that lasted through the rest of the 19th century and into the 20th.

One professional judge presides, appointing two colleagues to state the prosecution and defense cases. Looking Further Backward West, J.

With supporters from the Knights of Labor and from the immediate vicinity of Chicago, workers at the Pullman Palace Car Company went on strike in June He closed his practice after one case involving the eviction of a widow for non-payment of rent.

West realizes that this new nationalized social order guarantees the basic needs of all men and has eliminated the unequal economic and social class structure of his time. Known as simply O.

Selling over a million copies in the first years after its publication, Looking Backward appealed to the reformist trends of the American and European reading public.

Or, The story of the Phalanx Hertzka, T. Everyone retires with full benefits at age 45, and may eat in any of the public kitchens.

As Blansfield notes, the real key to O. Leete to represent the new society. He finds himself in the same location Boston, Massachusettsbut in a totally changed world: The major themes include problems associated with capitalism, a proposed socialist solution of a nationalization of all industry, and the use of an "industrial army" to organize production and distribution, as well as how to ensure free cultural production under such conditions.

Bellamy is remembered as an early proponent for equality and social justice and as a pioneer in the development of the American utopian novel. Marsden Karen Charmaine Blansfield.

The story describes how Julian falls asleep for a hundred and thirteen years.

The Industrial Army Gillette, K. As the editor rightly points out in her introduction, Bellamy was above all else a champion of the middle class. The New Time Fuller, A. The next few chapters begin to tell the story of how Julian West ended up in the twentieth century.

The third chapter focuses on his six basic character types.Looking Backward The book Looking Backward was written by Edward Bellamy and published in the year Bellamy started off his career as a journalist but then married and decided to devote his efforts to writing fiction novels/5(1). Looking Backward and the Power of the Word," which discusses Bellamy's pro- gression from writer to activist; Sylvia Strauss's excellent essay, "Gender Class, and Race in Utopia," which serves the useful purpose of establishing the limits.

Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy Julian West, the main character of Looking Backward, was born into a rich family in the late nineteenth century. The gap between the rich and poor was very huge and seemed impossible to fix. Study Guide for Looking Backward Looking Backward study guide contains a biography of Edward Bellamy, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Looking Backward is a novel by Edward Bellamy that was first published in Looking Backward The book Looking Backward was written by Edward Bellamy and published in the year Bellamy started off his career as a journalist but then married and decided to devote his efforts to writing fiction novels.

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