Ms epm case studies

Along with the Project Server, EPM Solutions supplied automated business intelligence solutions that allowed Via Christi to more easily generate legacy reports while leveraging all the data captured in their new system.

Customer is able to minimize delivery time and that improved his confidence level in delivery commitment.

Enterprise Project Portfolio Management for

In the past, tried implementing MS Project server with some consultants but could not get good technical support. If you have any questions, just email us! We love to hear from you. Studied project management requirements and mapped information entities in MS Project.

We tackled the performance and optimization issues of its Microsoft Project Server implementation early in the engagement.

Implemented our Task tracking module i. We provided training and a comprehensive user manual to train the existing NGC staff which currently supports the Microsoft Project Server. From this understanding, they were better able to make informed decisions about resource utilization for the existing portfolio of projects.

A respectable name in fabrication and installation of food processing plants. The legacy PPM tool that was supposed to improve productivities had become time consuming and frustrating for NGC program teams. The company upgraded to Project Sever Cash flow report used to get compiled manually using tracked schedule and SAP cost data.

Challenges The company is one of the early adopters of Microsoft Project Server. Case Studies Case 1: Trained Scheduler and other stakeholders Benefits: Made the system available to other local and overseas offices over internet.

Schedulers used to spend lot of time to compile MIS reports from tracked schedule. Known for leadership and excellence in real estate development.

Ensured the current Project Server implementation is consistent with best practices. Studied customer business and deployed system. Scheduler are relieved from rigorous followup work. It was also important the technology be delivered as quickly as possible.

Latest Microsoft Project Case Studies

It is one of the largest defense contractors in the United States. Our PMIS uses existing infrastructure. Senior executives within India and overseas refer the system for effective decision making.

The Project Server features had been included as a baseline for the currently deployed version at NGC. It owns or manages 12 hospitals and 15 senior villages and nursing homes throughout Kansas, where it employs more than 10, people, including doctors and mid-level providers.

Departments are started reporting more issues. Since we are also a company that comes with a security clearance and cleared facility status, it made the hiring decision even easier and faster. Moreover, the organization was nearing the completion of a large ERP application deployment that had taken resources away from other in-flight projects.

This allowed the organization to understand the true levels of overallocation it was experiencing like never before. Now system is on line.

Case Studies

It also allowed the PMO to get a better grasp on the overall demand for effort as compared to the capacity levels of staff. Managers also complained that existing reporting was way too difficult to use.Read case studies on how we are helping the University of Toledo and Via Christie Hospital succeed in leveraging Microsoft PMO software.

Case 1: Real Estate Developer. Having 30+ projects nation wide. Known for leadership and excellence in real estate development. Situation: All Project schedulers Using MS Project Professional version for project scheduling and tracking.

Status reporting by execution team and other departments to scheduler was off the system. Schedulers.

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Read case studies on how we are helping Northrop Grumman and IBM improve resource planning and project success with Microsoft Enterprise Project solutions. May 20,  · Last march I did this post: Looking for Microsoft Project Server/EPM Case Studies?, and since the Microsoft Case Studies site was update plus another great case study got published Shire Pharmaceuticals.

To see the latest Enterprise Project Management (EPM) case studies follow these steps. Mar 04,  · Looking for Microsoft Project Server/EPM Case Studies?

Last march I did this post: Looking for Microsoft Project Server/EPM Case Studies?, and since the Microsoft. Reply. Skip to main content. Follow Us. Popular Tags. Many organizations are taking advantage of Quality Management methodologies (such Sigma® Solution built on the Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management Solution platform Studies by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the U.S.

General Accounting Office have found that investing in quality.

Ms epm case studies
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