Nanotechnology and chemoprevention essay

Nanotechnology is still in the process of development, but nevertheless it can already surprise humanity with wonders that were impossible several decades ago. A nanocomputers is a computer whose dimensions are nanoscopic. As a result of the enhanced production effects of assemblers Drexler believes that they will be able to shrink computers and improve their operation, giving us nanocomputers.

However many scientists still it as mere a science fiction.

Short Essay on Nanotechnology

The idea of Nanotechnology was originally conceived by K. Scientists are really in between whether nanotechnologies are a health risk or whether they will have no effect on the environment. There may occur simple errors, such as receiving the wrong instructions points toward nano-tech doing more harm than good.

Moreover, the rapid replication rate that nanotech is capable of could allow it to out-produce real organisms and turn the biosphere to dust. The developments and progress in artificial intelligence and molecular technology have spawned a new form of technology; Nanotechnology.

In the end, nano-tech could give a lifestyle never before imagined. A replicator, as its name implies, will replicate; much like the way in which genes are able to replicate themselves. The moving of atoms, the gathering of information, the restrictions of the STM, all restrict nano-tech is regarded as ridiculous.

Another perceived nanomachine is the assembler. The assembler is a small machine that will take in raw materials, follow a set of specific instructions, re-arrange the atoms, and result in an altogether new product.

But this is not the entirety of the obstacles confining nano-tech development.


Along with the assemblers comes its opposite, the disassemble. A code of ethics will have to be written to insure the safety and integrity of research and design.

National Nanotechnology Initiative, nanotechnology implies the ability to understand and control matter at dimensions between approximately from up to one nanometers; it also involves imaging, measuring, modeling, and manipulating matter at the estimated length scale Nanowerk.

If so desired, nano-tech could be used as a deadly weapon. According to the U. Risks and Benefits Since many people have different beliefs and prospectives about nanotechnologies and we should Nanotechnology and chemoprevention essay the possible risks and benefits.Nanotechnology and Chemoprevention Essay - New methods for identification and treatment of cancer cells are continuing to be researched.

Colon cancer, one of the leading causes of cancer death in the United States, has been used as the choice for the cancer to identify and treat in certain studies. Free Essay: Nanotechnology and Medicine The active pursuit of knowledge in nanotechnology could revolutionize the treatment and detection of various diseases.

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But today humanity stands on the edge of something completely new: nanotechnology. To start the explanation of nanotechnology in a proper way. The term paper deals with the introduction to nanotechnology a chemistry point of view and its derivation from past.

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- Nanotechnology Nanotechnology is the understanding and controlling of matter at sizes of roughly 1 to nanometers. Using nanoscale science, phenomenal engineering, technological, medical, chemical, and informational feats are possible (1).

Nanotechnology and chemoprevention essay
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