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I expected to reflect upon my IE3 experience directly after my return and for years to come, but my reflection has been deeper than I initially imagined. Having done so, I now understand so much more about what I saw and why things happened the ways they did.

Health and Rehabilitation Sciences The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences within the College of Medicine offers a Honors program for students who are interested in taking Honors courses, upper level courses, complete and Honors thesis and more.

Engineering The College of Engineering offers Honors students several ways through which they can distinguish themselves, including designation as an Honors student, Graduation Osu uhc thesis Honors in Engineering, undergraduate research, and Graduation With Distinction.

Students viewing OSU research posters. I think about it often enough that it may have ended just two days ago. OSU is noted for having one of the best forestry schools in the nation, and other high-ranking disciplines are ecology, oceanography, microbiology, nuclear engineering, zoology, public health, food science, and pharmacy.

We have an information session at the OSU Honors College where the students learn about the requirements for transfer students and see the honors lounge, workroom, and classrooms. Above all else, I learned through this process just how much more there is to learn.

Nursing The nursing major Honors Program is designed to create an intellectual adventure to challenge selected students. Honors students are encouraged to construct an enhanced curriculum that includes honors courses, upper-division courses, rigorous sequences, honors seminars, a strong major that includes a significant research experience, and a minor or second major.

Contact Chris Adams at adams. Whether you start your academic career in honors or you join after your first year, students in the program will have a variety of challenging academic experiences. My advice to past, current, and future IE3 interns is to keep up on happenings in the internship country, actively learn more about the country upon return, and apply the new information to memories of the actual internship.

The program provides you the opportunity to engage in one-on-one research work with a faculty advisor to write a thesis reflecting your area of interest.

This trip provides a context for honors research, presents sample abstracts and posters that the students can consider when creating their own, and helps make them more comfortable on the OSU campus.

Dissertations & Theses

The Medical Culture of Northern India: Below is a list of Programs with contact information. Medicine The College of Medicine houses our newest college Honors program on campus, having recently started awarding undergraduate degrees in Spring, West Hall features suite style rooms, a shared kitchen, and a computer lab.

Opportunities are offered to study an area of interest in nursing in greater depth, to conduct research with a mentor, and to enhance leadership skills. By challenging themselves with advanced levels of study and enrichment programs, Honors students can optimize the use of their creative abilities and develop a sustaining interest in advanced education and research.

West Hall is located near a large residential community including five other major residence halls. Students in this program gain and build a number of skills, making them highly marketable when they graduate. Finally, the trip to the OSU provides examples of the research and educational experiences of other honors students.

This literature research opened my eyes to so many facets of Indian life and the culture of healthcare that I did not even pick up on during my ten weeks living there. My experience ignited a flame of interest and curiosity that I took the time and energy to really investigate. I knew before I left Oregon that I would likely use some facet of my experience as the foundation for my thesis, so I took handwritten and mental notes each day and typed them into my computer journal each night.

A key element of the honors curriculum is that it changes each year, not regarding total credit requirements but with respect to the courses and emphases determined by the honors faculty. Inall three of the Goldwater winners were students in the honors college, along with a fourth student who earned an honorable mention.

All honors students must maintain a 3. Lane Poster Day Another example of a Lane science poster. Public Affairs The Honors Program in Public Affairs provides high-ability students enrolled in the John Glenn School with the opportunity to pursue challenging academic curricular opportunities for enhancing the academic experience at Ohio State.

Features of the honors program include seminars, a mentored relationship with a nursing faculty member, and the completion of a senior honors thesis. Oregon State Honors College: Class sizes are limited to 24 students for lower-division classes, and 12 students for upper-division courses.

It is not far from business, engineering, and forestry buildings. Contact Jennifer Lando at lando. I urge IE3 interns not to let the experience and the education end just because the internship ends.

My days in India consisted mainly of observation in various types of medical clinics and public health facilities scattered throughout the northern region.

There are previous posts describing this event and sharing photos on this blog. This became the basis for my thesis: All of these benefits allow the students to see their research in context of other student research, to build confidence, and to take what they learn from the symposium and apply it to their own projects and assignments in the seminar.

Contact Susan Olivo-Marston at olivo-marston.Her capstone thesis, which was awarded the Bert and Phyllis Lamb Prize in Political Science and the UHC Outstanding Thesis Award examined how policy narratives influenced voter perspectives and outcomes of Oregon Measure For information about the thesis option for students not in an honors program, please see the Research Thesis web site.

Thesis Requirements for Graduation with Honors Research Distinction. To graduate with honors research distinction, you must satisfy the following requirements: Identify an Ohio State faculty member to serve as your project advisor.

Reflection on the IE3 Medical Internship in India Posted on June 22, by hayashi | 3 Replies Heather Hodnett graduated from OSU in. M.S.

Oregon State Honors College: Growing, Always Changing

thesis, Oregon State University (). Defense: A. Srivastava. Investigating the Effect of Tetrahydrofuran (THF) Plasticizer on the Crystallization and Solvent Seaming of PET/NPG Copolymer Films. The second stage, Explore & Build, requires you to explore research at OSU by examining previous thesis work and speaking with OSU faculty.

For information visit the Stage 2: Explore & Build page. Ohio State Navbar The Ohio State University Pursue original research and write an Honors thesis under the guidance of a faculty member.

Graduate "with Honors" and/or "with Honors Research Distinction" on your diploma. Participate in special short-term study abroad programs with Honors peers.

Osu uhc thesis
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