Pakistan of my dreams

Thus Pakistan would really be counted among the leading powerful countries of the world and would also guide those countries which are still slaves of big powers. Poverty is the condition of having fewer resources or less profits than others countries.

The development of human capital is the core of this vision.

Short Note/Essay on my dreams in Pakistan

A newly established Pakistan was developed out of sheer compassion for religious and political autonomy, which validated the two-nation Pakistan of my dreams laid down by the visionaries.

There would be less corruption and political instability in the state; this would increase the economic productivity in the state.

Short essay on Pakistan of my dreams

Pakistan in the 21st century is much different than the Pakistan of my dreams. In my Dream Pakistan everybody has enough food to eat, and there is no scarcity of food. Others in the video are people I have worked Pakistan of my dreams in short films and plays before. In this essay I am going to explain in a little detail.

And for Pakistanis, where else would we inject our effort and time except on our own soil? Defense and security of the country would be of paramount importance.

An agrarian revolution would be brought about by launching intensive agricultural programmes and farmers would be asked to use better seeds and fertilizers. For a country of such diverse ethnic groups, we must concentrate and unite ourselves based on the positive aspects of our society and use them to our advantage.

Our nation rose to the occasion and provided a state funeral for the great man. Abolition of ignorance and illiteracy would be my next endeavours, because these are a curse.

The concept of representing your client diligently in a place like Pakistan and believing that your role is not to play with words but rather uphold the rule of law, is something I dream of. I dream that our leaders are of the people, by the people and for the people.

An agrarian revolution would be brought about by launching intensive agricultural programmes and farmers would be asked to use better seeds and fertilizers. Watching priorities like health and education for their children being pushed to the sidelines and basic infrastructure and amenities woefully unavailable, they find an escape in religion.

These are the questions which can lay the foundation for a better Pakistan. Pakistan started with its due share of financial, social, legal and geographical difficulties and struggled in its initial stages greatly.

Khulood Bawa is an architect who works at Arshad Shahid Abdullah. I would like to bring Pakistan at the apex of scientific and technological progress. The one good thing about reality is that it enables you to think and plan step by step, encouraging productivity to soar.

Also, there is a great need to ensure that the police is paid well, as in the era of Hazrat Umar R. At its base was the idea that spiritual unit founded on Islam was the most vital and integral element of national society.

The only thing needed today is that belief in Almighty Allah and then hard work is required to materialize the dreams. After a hard and heroic struggle by the Muslims of the sub- continent, the British Parliament was forced to approve the Indian Independence Act, leading to the birth of Pakistan on 14th August.

Nobody says that they are Muslims and Pakistanis. In my dream Pakistan the headlines news will not be about killings, blasts, frauds, ethnic differences, but they will be about big deeds of our youngsters.

Pakistan Of My Dream Essays

We need to put the country on the road to prosperity and fulfil the dream of the founder of the nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

In addition, women were denied the right to vote in various parts of the country, during a parliamentary by-election in Lower Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Pakistan suffers from a range of issues, all across the spectrum. It was quite a comical situation as the common man realised that the leaders were all vacationing abroad and even those who were supposed to be their proxies had decided to take flight.

The usual replies are Panjabi, Balochi, Pathan etc. In my dream Pakistan all the people will have approach to clean drinking water, they will have enough to eat, appropriate to wear and enough place to reside in.

The citizens in this vision would have access to better quality education and health care facilities. Where there is harmony and moderation. A Pakistan where people adhere to traffic rules, create queues instead of quarrels and effectively use the resources of the nation would prove beneficial to all.Pakistan in the 21st century is much different than the Pakistan of my dreams.

My dream is a vision of how Pakistan will become in the year A vision is similar to a dream but it is experienced. Dreams are natural - Pakistan Of My Dreams introduction. That is why everyone in this world is prone to dream. One always makes a plan about his future. So I have a Pakistan of my dreams which would be different fro the present one.

First thing it would be a Pakistan in which there will. A couple of months ago I witnessed an elderly man, approximately 70 years old, being violently shoved off the side of the road by a policeman who was clearing the way for a car protocol of a.

Pakistan of my dreams. 15 likes. Pakistan. We have to believe in our have to recreate the environment which is defined in Holy Quran. Pakistan of my dreams is filled up with the best scholars of the world and everyone is well educated. Their chant is always the same and that is “Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world”.

My dream about Pakistan is the same dream which Allama Iqbal dreamt before partition for the Muslims of India. In this essay I am going to explain.

Pakistan of my dreams
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