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In this way, he can induct really competent, experienced and deserving people into the government. Any drastic changes may simple mean falling from the frying pan into the fire.

He is free to choose his cabinet of ministers from outside the members of the legislature. Defections become the order of the day. Many of the evils that beset Indian politics today will disappear, if there are right type of people at the helm of affairs.

But in recent times it has been felt that the Presidential system was urgently needed. This danger, this inherent drawback, will have to be overcome in some way or the other, before it can be acceptable to a county like India, whose genius is essentials democratic.

This result in corruption, nepotism, casteism, regionalism, and often short lived coalition government are formed. He is not tied to, or subordinate to, the legislature.

The Presidential system is superior in this respect also. The party and the government thus work in harmony. They know their business, and can see to it that their policies and programmes are faithfully carried out.

They must obey the party-whip or face expulsion. However, it suffers from at least one serious drawback. The President is elected for a fixed term, say of five years, and he cannot be removed from office even if he loses the confidence of the legislature.

Such are, no doubt, the advantages of the Presidential system. As a result of this drain of talent from the party to government, the party organisation grows weak, and indiscipline and infighting, are the result.

These two forms of government have their own distinctive characteristics and their own respective merits and demerits. It certainly means greater stability and sanity in the politics of a country. The evil is unheard of in the other system.

They become mere puppets in the hands of the officers, and thus democracy degenerates into bureaucracy. Any form of government will do, if the people who run it are capable, efficient, hard working, sincere and honest.We will write a custom essay sample on Presidential and Parliamentary Systems of Government specifically for you for only $ $/page.

In distinguishing between presidential and parliamentary systems, three points must be considered. First, in a presidential system the head of government (the president) is elected for a fixed term. Parliamentary Or Presidential System Of Government Politics Essay.

A Comparative study of Presidential and Parliamentary forms of Govt- Essay

Print Making a comparison between parliamentary system and presidential system. First, the origination ways of government is different. and according to the contrast of characteristics between these two different systems, the presidential system of the government will.

Access to overcomplete essays and term papers; Parliamentary and Presidential systems of government. Parliamentary systems have also been linked with week government and political instability.

The principal alternative to a parliamentary system is a presidential system of government. /5(2). A Comparative study of Presidential and Parliamentary forms of Govt- Essay Article shared by Presidential and Parliamentary systems are the two possible forms of Government in a democracy.

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Search the collection of overexample essays. Scholarships Learn More > Are you an educator? Essay Content: This essay will be comparing and contrasting presidential and parliamentary systems. Pol Sci Final Essays.

Presidential and parliamentary systems essays for scholarships
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