Reflection on stand and deliver

Having Sister Morningstar, a Cherokee midwife, to lead the evening sessions was an honor. I am so excited that I get to help breech knowledge cross political and linguistic boundaries!

This is where I gave my two breech lectures, a talk on unassisted birth, and a session on newborn resuscitation with Sister Morningstar. Use hot and cold water! I have a friend here in the States who is a Russian translator, and she says that Russians often use the expression "tempering the baby," as one would temper steel with repeated applications of heat and cold.

But our other conference room was a Red Tent room.

Hot and cold water! This includes going naked into the sauna, being beaten with bunches of oak leaves it feels heavenly, like the heat is being beaten deep into your bodyand then plunging into an ice-cold pool of water. It lasted for about 2 hours.

Your newborn needs resuscitation? Maybe we could learn something from the Russian use of hot and cold water. Days were partially left-brained, partially right-brained, but evenings and nights turned magical and mystical.

We have never heard of it.

Hot and cold water as therapeutic? You know the dizzy, buzzing, high feeling you get all over your body between contractions? I have now discovered 15 obstetric journal articles about his methods in Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, and--in one case--Spanish.

It was challenging and overwhelming in a good way. And then doing it again several times. Right brain, left brain This was the most right-brained conference I have ever attended.

I also found contemporary Czech textbooks that mention Tsovian spelled Covjan--sneaky Czechs making it harder for me! Conversely, Russians were quite familiar with Tsovian, aka the Tsovyanov.

After the fourth cycle, I got the biggest endorphin rush of my life--comparable to being in labor. Is your premature baby having a hard time nursing?Read this essay on Reflection Paper on Stand and Deliver.

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Stand and Deliver Reaction Paper The movie depicts each and every academic system worldwide%(1). Nov 08,  · Days were partially left-brained, partially right-brained, but evenings and nights turned magical and mystical. Sometimes intimate and sacred, sometimes raw and brutally honest, but always Stand and Deliver.

Reflection: Stand and Deliver Jaime Escalante has a steady job but left it for a lowly position math teacher at James A. Garfield High School. In the movie "Stand and Deliver", Jaime Escalante uses some of those techniques to motivate his students to work harder and be more successful in mathematics.

By doing so, he instigates a desire in them to better themselves and their future. Reflection Paper on Stand and Deliver “At a tough school, someone had to take a stand and someone did.

Together, one teacher and one class proved to America they could Stand and Deliver” –taglines of the movie “Stand and Deliver.”.

Reflection on stand and deliver
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