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Industrial products, Consumer products, and Electronics. It means that the competition in each country is handled independently of competition in other countries, thus encouraging product design, assembly and marketing tailored to the specific needs of the country First Recommended Structure: As a result, RI is getting deprived to important information that it could leverage for its overall growth.

In terms of environmental uncertainty, we can infer that they operate in a complex but stable environment. But recently companies have begun shifting away from strict globalization strategy due to economic and social changes.

Autonomy makes it difficult to consolidate financial reports worldwide and gain efficiencies of uniform information and reporting systems.

The current structure is a Global geographic structure, which encourages product design, assembly, and marketing strategies that are specific to the needs of each country 2.

During s, RI changed its strategy and focused more on three lines of businesses viz. Thus arises the decision to make a choice between globalization and a multi domestic strategy. Structure to International Advantages When organizations venture into international domain, a coherent global strategy should be formulated that provides synergy among worldwide operations.

Most of these products had local brand name. The current structure is based on 3 major geographical areas viz. However, there was little or no coordination of these functions across geographical regions Rhodes Industries Organization Chart Current Scenario: RI ventured into new lines of business such as consumer products and electrical equipments, in addition to its previous line of business.

Again, a cost saving technology for manufacturing Light bulbs in Canada, had been ignored in Asia and Europe. Sean Rhodes led the acquisition of more international business related to these three categories and divested business not related to the above three categories.

Managers must decide whether each global affiliate should act autonomously or whether activity should be standardized across countries. This strategy was adopted with the belief of forming cohesive units that would bring RI synergies and profits.

The main problem managers face here is to choose between emphasizing on global standardization or national responsiveness.

Applying Theories of Organizational Behavior and recommending alternatives: If a country had several units, a subsidiary president was responsible for coordinating the various businesses in that country. It means that product design, manufacturing and marketing strategy are standardized throughout the world.

A technical innovation that provided home owners with cell phone access to home security systems developed in Europe has been ignored in NA. But most of the coordination was done through the regional vice president. With regard to the stage of international evolution, it fits into the "Multinational" bill since it is operating in various countries.

RI changed its strategy and focused more on three lines of businesses viz.

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The various autonomous units within those regions report to the office of the regional Vice President. Local projects and profits received more time and resources than did projects that benefitted RI worldwide. Businesses are largely independent which provides flexibility and motivation for subsidiary managers.

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Model to fit Org. Most of the products in various product lines do not need localised customisation and technology used for the manufacturing process is very mature. North America, Asia and Europe. Other functions such as HR management, new product development, marketing, and manufacturing existed within individual subsidiaries.Rhodes Case Analysis Essay.

Words Sep 21st, 4 Pages. Show More. Chapter 6, Case 3 Rhodes Industries 1. Would the subsidiaries still be competitive and adaptive in local markets if forced to coordinate with other subsidiaries around the world?

Rhodes Industries

Case Analysis – Rhodes Industries (Chapter 6) – Read this case analysis and answer the questions below. (Just google case analysis-Rhodes Industries its comes up in the first part its in Organizational design and Theory by Richard Draft.) Please answer each question thoroughly- killarney10mile.com the.

Done Right with Rhoads™ Rhoads is a multidiscipline corporation that provides industrial fabrication, installation and maintenance for commercial and government projects. Chapter 6, Case 3 Rhodes Industries 1.

Casino Industry Case Analysis There is a steady growth rate in gaming revenues taking effect in the casino industy around the United States.

A number of factors are tied into the increase including new entrants to the casino industry and rival casino expansions. Rhodes Industries Proposed Structure #2 Types of Organization Structures into new areas such as industrial sealants, coatings, cleaners.

Also manufactured mufflers and parts for the trucking industry Most expansion took place in 's Sean Rhodes, take over the business. Home Essays Rhodes Case Analysis. Rhodes Case Analysis.

Topics: Corporation Chapter 6, Case 3 Rhodes Industries 1. Would the subsidiaries still be competitive and adaptive in local markets if forced to coordinate with other subsidiaries around the world? CASE ANALYSES by Pamela Hubbell Cases are detailed descriptions of real .

Rhodes industry case
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