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According to Shah, it has been very challenging to work in the clean energy sector. Her father came from a long chain of Jewellers from a Jaipur Jain Jewellery community. The team is on a constant move to educate the households about the high quality solar solution.

The women point to a product called Unnat Chullah a type of cooking stove that has now become an indispensible part of their kitchens. Solar energy is the most practical route, she believes. The plan is to reach out to two other districts, Alwar and Bassi, in six months and all of Rajasthan by the end of Her main pursuit at the moment is bringing light, literally and figuratively, to poor households in rural areas across India in the form of solar energy.

She had to convince solar-wary residents that solar energy really is a viable option for them. She was struck by the rural reality. While doing her under-graduation, Shah, who travelled to many places around the world, eventually landed in India. So, as Shah notes, for these residents who have little, if any, funds to spare, the Spreading light by frontier markets rural is in the pudding.

The company has also fostered a network of a thousand village entrepreneurs, who along with the Solar Sahelis sell products under the brand name Saral Jeevan simple life.

Deaths caused by accidental fires are sadly common, especially in slum areas where makeshift homes are packed tightly together.

Women are not an impact story. But after graduating from college Shah surprised her parents by giving that up.

FM had found the model of working with MFIs and local kirana shops very effective during a pilot study it conducted with Ujjivan Financial Services in Chitradurga, Karnataka, in With these critical resources, the hotbeds of Thar Desert always possessed highest potential for solar energy and appliances.

A photo posted by Ashden ashdenawards on Jun 6, at 4: We sell to the BOP households through our wholesale and retail points. With solar lamps, she saw the opportunity to fill a vital gap. Without energy, children cannot study, families cannot cook, and people are subject to the constraints of daylight hours.

Shah speaks to a community on the benefits of solar energy. So how did a woman born and brought up in a New York Suburb decided to start her business in her hometown Rajasthan? The organization supplies women with solar lamps and empowers them to be the distributors of solar energy to their rural communities — communities that lie beyond the reach of the power grid or have sporadic energy supplies.


Frontier Markets has sold 20, solar solutions among BOP households in rural India Shah believes each and every household deserves access to goods and services that will enhance their health, wealth, and productivity. Those of lower caste social status generally have low income and poor access to energy.

Frontier Markets

But taking them from village to village, giving rural folk the opportunity to buy and convincing them to do so, is another matter. FM has tie-ups with companies making clean energy products such as D. Bhagwan Sahai Yadav is one such krishi mitra, who also sells Saral Jeevan products.

Shah has achieved so much. Besides being a Clinton Service Corp Fellowshe has been an Echoing Green FellowCordes Fellowand has also received the most influential award in Microfinance for people under This is why we need solar lights: Learn more about the Global Citizen Festival here.

While Shah and FM provided easy and clean energy solutions, the villagers had problems in accepting the new innovation.

And when the product is relatively new, like solar lighting devices, the challenge gets even bigger.

Frontier Markets Frontier Markets has been moving full-steam ahead toward achieving this ambitious endeavor of supplying Indian residences in BOP markets with solar energy, which would address not only cost and environmental concerns but, more importantly, it would provide low-income Indian residents with the electrical power that continues to elude them.

The worst sufferers are the rural women who are housebound and cook in the dark until they light the sole kerosene lamp which is highly polluting and dangerous. Called Solar Sahelis solar women friendsthey are part of an innovative social enterprise that is bridging the last-mile gap in marketing renewable energy products such as lamps and household appliances in a state that receives to days of clear, sunny days.

Shah, an entrepreneur who has her roots in Rajasthan and has been educated in the US, founded Frontier Markets in Jaipur five years ago and has since fashioned it into a leading marketing, sales and distribution firm in the clean energy space.

Product companies must know what kind of product to introduce, at what quality and at what price. This problem had led to millions of rural commoners being forced to live in the darkness, hence making them unproductive from the get go.

The company now aims to expand to all districts of Rajasthan and in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh by building networks of Solar Sahelis.Ajaita Shah's Frontier Markets uses village-level community workers to sell solar energy products.

Spreading light Taslima Khan Print "Reaching out to rural markets requires a bottom-up. By Frontier Markets | April 30, In rural villages in India far from electric grids, life gets harder when the sun goes down. Children study by the light of smoky kerosene lamps, which might.

Thanks for signing up as a global citizen. In order to create your account we need you to provide your email address. Ajaita Shah is empowering women to spread solar energy through rural India.

Share Share Tweet Email. By Daniele Selby. July 27, She founded Frontier Markets, initially investing all her own savings. To simply put, Frontier Markets is a business that sells Solar energy powered products at an affordable cost to the rural communities of India.

Ajaita Shah Founder & CEO of Frontier Markets is now one of the most successful social women entrepreneurs in India. Frontier Markets is an exclusive partner to Saral Jeevan, or “Easy Life,” an Indian branded retail channel created to better relate to low-income households in rural areas near Chomu.

Frontier Markets (FM) is a rural marketing, sales, and service distribution company providing access to affordable and quality solar solutions to low-income households in India.

Founded inFrontier Markets uses its field staff to build the capacity of rural farmer retailers and rural women educate, relate, and reach households providing them access to high quality and affordable clean.

Spreading light by frontier markets rural
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