Star wars prequels re write asian

So too did the inclusion of ETs in the Senate, the pod from Their meeting leads to spectacular adventure and unbearable loss, with the fate star wars prequels re write asian the Republic hanging in the balance.

I could see a non-force user dueling another non-force user with a lightsaber, or a non-force user using a lightsaber to weld or torch for construction purposes, but a non-force user dueling a force user should not stand a chance. His strength lies in his spiritualness.

Obi-Wan will teach Anakin the ways of the Force himself. If there is no intervention by the Senate, The Queen and the PM talk about the alliance they will have to make with another planet that may push the Trade Federation back and break the blockade.

The military might of any individual planet is insufficient to combat the encroaching army.

An alternative Star wars prequel trilogy: the ground rules

In the opening scene of A New Hope, after we see the spaceships, the film cuts to an interior of one ship and who do we see?

This is our official introduction to the nature of the Sith. Presumably after the rise of the empire, the rebels would not have the facilities to build new ships — they must be using old ships that pre-date the empire.

The unknown ship fires on the guard station. After the Senate meeting, Sidious instructs Vader to go to Mustafar and finish off the Separatist leaders, which he does. And did all this complexity produce an emotionally compelling story? After encountering a battle droid patrol in the tunnels, Anakin and Obi-Wan lead the assault.

A Lost Hope by fmlyhntr reviews The battle for galactic control continues. The proud Padawan takes a step forward and pumps his fist in the air, reveling in the cheers. When characters are having reflective moments, we do not hear their memories.

Desperate to get on the move, Obi-Wan accepts. Meanwhile Skywalker meets with Palpatine. He accepts her, not as a replacement for his dead wife, but still as family.

20 Years of the Jedi Council!

Padme and her handmaiden Korin are in a mall area talking about the Trade Federation issue. Back at the control tower, Artoo breaks the battle droid control signal, but the Mandalorian Supercommandos have Anakin and Padme trapped.

Hunger and want are still clearly rampant, as is general economic inequality and apparent mismanagement. The Shred of Rebellion by emeraldrobyn reviews So, this is just my edited version of how the first entry in the Star Wars prequel franchise should have gone.

After arguing, Obi Wan agrees, but tells Owen that he will live on Tatooine also to keep watch over Luke. Republic spies inform the Jedi that Maul has been found in the Kashyyk system.


Obi Wan reluctantly agrees and they leave Dooku behind. The wise old man is often a foreigner from another land, and making Yoda non-human exaggerates this yet again as only science fiction can. Perhaps he quit the Jedi but nevertheless wanted Luke to join, and gave the weapon to Obi-Wan.

Palpatine, smiling, places his hood upon his head. If you like it, please tell me and give feedback. They nearly walk into a trap if not the intervention of Padme, who now leads the resistance in Aldera.In my view, the statements, situations, and character behaviors from episodes 4, 5, & 6 constitute the Star Wars canon, a set of rules that all subsequent stories set in the Star Wars universe must follow.

Star Wars Prequels Rewrite Posted by TygerTyger on 3/17/16 at pm. 9. Jan 05,  · I paid a lot of attention to the backstory of how Star Wars was created, even his thought process of the dreaded Prequel Trilogy.

I kept that in mind when I decided to re-write these just for fun. At first, I did the same things as most fans out there who re-write these as therapy to make up for the prequels.

Rewriting the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy: Episode One

Jan 27,  · Star Wars Prequels Rewrite Ideas Author Storminator Date Dec Author Storminator Time Dec AM Post link. So after seeing a lot of great ideas for rewriting the Prequels I decided it was finally time to throw my hat into the ring after mulling over some ideas.

Baring in mind these are quite rough ideas and I’m just. Oct 08,  · It’s also worth noting that, around the time of this post being published, Dresden Codak creator Aaron Diaz is running his own rewrite of the Star Wars prequels on Tumblr, Star Wars ’ So in the same spirit of fandom, I’m spending the next few weeks showcasing another route that these films could have taken.

Aug 26,  · How to Make the Prequels Amazing in 5 Minutes (Naboo = Alderaan, and other changes) Star Wars Theory (Animated Fan Fiction) How Star Wars Treated the Clone Wars before the Prequels.

Star wars prequels re write asian
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