Technological development

Before that time computers were made of transistors. The forces of nature become more threatening and bring the human population under more severe risk dangers as the world population grows with more materialistic ambitions, extravagant wastages, and as the existing and expanding environments try to accommodate with their limited sources these societies.

Technology is used for many purposes: The geographic location and meteorological events in an area are the preliminary knowledge and information sources for better understanding possible climate change at the location. Is the world as a whole or in many regions becoming more dangerous than before?

Military technology comprises a special group of non-production means.

Why was nuclear technology developed?

Historically, technology has passed through a lengthy process of development—from Technological development crude instruments of primitive man to the most complex automated devices of modern industry. Both Blauner and Woodward suggest an optimistic approach to technological change with the development of automation, reflected in new types of skilled work, less rigid work organization and increased job satisfaction.

In scientists thought that silicon microchips were impressive because each chip could hold more than 30 transistors. Scientists and inventors are constantly lookingfor ways to solve problems and expand human capabilities. Through the advancements brought up by technology, several tools, softwares, and devices have been made to improve more thorough learning,and enhance more the interests of students inside the classroom.

Production has developed most intensively in the areas of technology that contribute to the technical re-equipment of the leading branches of heavy industry; these include machine building for the manufacture of power machinery, electrical equipment, machine tools, mining and chemical machine building, instrumentation, and production of automation, construction, hoisting, and transportation equipment.

Research and development

Large-scale industry owed its development to its most characteristic Technological development of production—the machine. In the late 19th century the steam engine was gradually supplanted by the more economical and compact internal-combustion engine, which allowed new types of machinery to be produced, for example, motor vehicles, tractors, excavators, airplanes, and motor ships.

The most active sector of production technology is machinery, which can be subdivided into several basic groups: New materials appeared that were difficult to work. However, on an extremly small scale it was flawed. Technology was accorded a key determining role in shaping the social structure of advanced industrial societies.

The reliability of technology or technical means is characterized by the capacity to produce goods of a specified quality without interruption and in the desired quantity or by the capacity to fulfill a production function within a specified time.

As it is not possible to avoid completely the appearances of natural hazards, is it possible to take necessary measures against them with certain risk expectations? Each automated machine is a complex aggregate containing one or several motors, several transfer devices, several working elements, and special equipment for monitoring, control, and regulation.Sep 15,  · Technological development is a development which has changed people's life.

Answer: Strictly speaking a technological development is, quite simply, a development (improvement, alteration) of a. tech·nol·o·gy (tĕk-nŏl′ə-jē) n.

Differential technological development

pl. tech·nol·o·gies 1. a. The application of science, especially to industrial or commercial objectives. b.

technological development

The scientific method and material used to achieve a commercial or industrial objective. 2. Electronic or digital products and systems considered as a group: a store specializing in office technology. 3. Through its Research, Development, and Deployment work, OE is pursuing technologies to improve grid reliability, efficiency, flexibility, functionality, and security; and making investments and sponsoring demonstrations aimed at bringing new and innovative technologies to maturity and helping them transition to market.


The scientific and technological development in recent years has enabled China to apply new and advanced technology to the hydrological forecasting, which improves the forecasting software and operational forecasting accuracy.

The following are three representative examples. Differential technological development is a strategy proposed by transhumanist philosopher Nick Bostrom in which societies would seek to influence the sequence in which emerging technologies developed. On this approach, societies would strive to retard the development of harmful technologies and their applications, while accelerating the.

Technological developments unleashed upon Border Town and elsewhere by Roland. This is a work in progress; it could be put into a table.

There may be some historical inaccuracies. In that table there will be all achievements of human military to the date.

Technological development

Grouped by levels, which for now is.

Technological development
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