Write a sentence using the word girl

For ease of use, the areas with the least variety will always be bright red, and those with the most variety will always be bright green.

When properly handled, though, repetition of key words and phrases within a sentence and then within a paragraph not only holds things together but creates a rhythm that provides energy and drives the meaning home.


If you enjoy Lyttle Lytton, please consider supporting it by tossing a few cents at my Patreon accountthe proceeds from which allow me to devote time to this and other projects. As a result, lists support operations that modify the original value rather than producing a new value.

Each character is assigned a number, called a code point. Do a quiz to identify problematic sentences. Unlike run-ons or fragments, rambling sentences are not wrong, but they are tiresome for the reader and one of the signs of a poor writer.

These are guidelines; not hard rules. You should avoid them.

Word Sentence Examples

It does not require a dependent clause. With this short sentence Beckett effortlessly establishes the mood of his avant-garde novel. Good writing consists not only of a string of varied, correctly-structured sentences.

You might want to disable this feature if you are working on a shared computer. Passive Voice Index This is a measure of how frequently the passive voice is used. It is from Donald E. What a way to introduce the main character! This predicate has two verbs, known as a compound predicate: How to Write a Captivating First Sentence: Conjunctions are words such as for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so.

Remember that rolling waves are good, flatness is boring, and choppiness is jarring. This particular short story is only a paragraph long, but it packs a punch!Often times in writing, we know what we want to say, but it doesn't seem to come out right. In this video we will learn the steps needed to improve your writing with better sentence structure.

Edit Article How to Write a Movie Review. Five Parts: Sample Movie Reviews Drafting Your Review Studying Your Source Material Composing Your Review Polishing Your Piece Community Q&A Whether a movie is a rotten tomato or a brilliant work of art, if people are watching it, it's worth critiquing.

Sentence clause structure

I had reservations about including all three of these, as they all revolve around the word “heart”. But I liked all of them, and they’re not making precisely the same joke— one is a topical (or formerly topical) allusion, one a strained parallel, one an overreach for irony. Every part of the story is important, but nothing is as crucial to captivating the reader as the opening sentence.

Yet many writers overlook the role of the first sentence, starting their novels (short stories, articles) with a cliché, a long boring sentence or even something artificially sensational for.

Easy Words to Use as Sentence Starters to Write Better Essays

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Write a sentence using the word girl
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